Sunday, October 31, 2004

I'm back and I'm miserable, because I can't get a paragraph into a review of one of my favorite albums this year. I'm not dropping names since I might pull it off eventually, but despite playing it over and over and over and over my usual ability to rant off a stream of observations and descriptions has failed me entirely. My fondness for the album may just be too personal in nature. It's like trying to review a security blanket. This extremely atypical writer's block is embarassing, disturbing and disappointing. The self-flagellation will cease once I get back into the swing of things.

Ok I'm not really miserable per se. I just wish I could give this album the review it deserves.

Proof I'm not really miserable: Anthony Is Wearing A Wig. I'll post a wider shot later (when more photos come my way, as they inevitably do), but what hipster do I look like most? Ryan Adams? Matthew Sweet? Paul Banks? Jarvis Cocker?

Al is, like, so into the Posies. I'm going to try very hard not to bring this up on Government Names.

Oh, and to answer WBS's confusion, any song that broke in 2004 in the USA counts for my singles list. Hence Mis-Teeq.

BONUS INFO: Anthony Is On The Radio Tomorrow (Monday) 11am-1pm EST. Lion 90.7 FM. Check it out!

Monday, October 25, 2004

Singles Of The Year (So Far) (I Think):

1. Usher, "Burn"
2. John Mayer, "Clarity"
3. Britney Spears, "Toxic"
4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Y Control"
5. Pitbull feat. Lil Jon "Culo"
6. J-Kwon, "Tipsy"
7. Missy Elliot, "I'm Really Hot"
8. Liz Phair, "Extraordinary"
9. Mario Winans feat. Enya & P. Diddy "I Don't Wanna Know"
10. Modest Mouse, "Float On"
11. Counting Crows, "Accidentally In Love"
12. Fall, "Theme From Sparta F.C."
13. Beyonce feat. Lil' Flip "Naughty Girl (Remix)"
14. Franz Ferdinand, "Take Me Out"
15. Mis-Teeq, "Scandalous"
16. Travis Tritt feat. John Mellencamp "What Say You"
17. Darkness, "I Believe In A Thing Called Love"
18. Usher feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris "Yeah!"
19. Jet, "Cold Hard Bitch"
20. Evanescence, "My Immortal"
21. Janet Jackson, "All Nite"
22. Offspring, "Hit That"
23. Ying Yang Twins, "Salt Shaker"
24. Maroon 5, "This Love"
25. Hives, "Walk! Idiot! Walk!"
26. Terror Squad, "Lean Back"
27. Britney Spears, "Everytime"
28. Clay Aiken, "Invisible"
29. Darkness, "Growing On Me"
30. Linkin Park, "Numb"

Personally, I think this is a great year for pop.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Due to a holiday (I'll share my costume with you, don't worry), a wedding (congrats William & Tara!) and a funeral (RIP Grandpa), posts are going to be sporadic for the rest of the month. Its not like there isn't enough to read and listen to, anyhow.

Speaking of "listen to," there's so much terrific music available on artist-run sites and mp3 blogs (which is like taping something off the radio) that stuff like soulseek feels more and more like theft, or at least greed. I'm not trying to lay a guilt trip on people or pretend I haven't benefited from the existence of file-sharing services. I just feel I'm able to discover an excess of tremendous music without it and I wonder if other people might want to try as well.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Spent a few hours after work last night scrolling down my links page, reading and listening. So much great stuff out there. It's beautiful.

I read the Salon interview with Frank Black (courtesy of Deamous, I usually only check Salon on Fridays for Stephanie Zacharek reviews) and did my usual yay-cranky-rocker/boo-dumb-questions thing. Then I went to rockcriticsdaily and read the wicked science J.D. Considine dropped in the comments box about it. My final verdict: I wish more people could do interviews like Aidin Vaiziri does. That guy is unbelievable.

Trouble Everyday is reviewed in Pitchfork today! Stylus Album Of the Week TWO MONTHS ago! Word! For once I'm ahead of the game (does Eamon count? Radio got there before me but nobody was talking about him netwise. I checked). Curious if the guy read my review or just had the same reaction (not like my obversations were THAT profound). The comments about this being common indie sounds "distilled" seem pretty familiar.

What's on my imaginary ipod:

Hasil Adkins "Somehow You'll Find Your Way"/Afros "Hoe Cakes"/Al B. Sure "Nite And Day"/Memphis Bleek "Just Blaze, Bleek and "Free"/Ken Boothe "Is It Because I'm Black"/Chap "(I Am) Oozing Emotion"/Crash Crew "On The Radio"/Kimya Dawson "Loose Lips"/Blossom Dearie "Tea For Two"/Devin The Dude "Briar Patch"/Eminem "Just Lose It"/Funkadelic "One Nation Under A Groove"/Futon "Gay Boy"/Grandmaster Flash "White Lines"/Intelligence "Telephone Wires"/Rick James "Give It To Me Baby"/Liquid Liquid "Bellhead"/Nick Lowe "Lately I've Let Things Slide"/John Lydon Vs. Tom Synder "Interview"/Ministry "Jesus Built My Hotrod"/Ministry "Just One Fix"/Murs "Red Dots"/Nas "One On One"/Pixeltan "Get Up/Say What"/Queen "Dancer"/Rip Taylor "The Real Rip Taylor"/MTS "Dealbreaker"/Rapture "Alabama Sunshine"/TKO Posse "Your Daddy's On The Pipe"/Too Short "Whip It"/William Shatner "Common People"/Saul Williams "Twice The First Time"

There's so much good music out there (new and old) that I get a little bugged when people focus on how something sucks on their blog. It feels incredibly easy to access good stuff and ignore stuff you don't enjoy right now. Let the weak stuff fall by the wayside by exclusion.

I am starting to hate the Shins, though. I like "New Slang" but I'll never see Garden State now that I know about the scene where Natalie Portman says it will change your life (wtf?). That said, it's not like this kind of nonsense is inescapable any more. Instead of telling you why I don't think the Shins are all that, I can just drop the names of the two or three songs they've got that I can bother with (namely that one and "Girl On A Wing") and let you fill in the blanks. It's probably just my mood or something but I feel really out of the loop with the more easily disappointed. They almost seem eager to express discontent and I'm curious what context that desire comes from.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Top ten videos of the week.

#1) Travis Tritt feat. John Mellencamp, “What Say You”: Contender for favorite single of the year. I wrote something about it over at Freelance Mentalists (which Matt has taken to…dare I say it…the next level).

#2) Terror Squad, “Lean Back”: I know the track came out ages ago, I just haven’t seen the video till recently. Can’t go wrong with goofy synchronized dancing. RAOUL!

#3) Franz Ferdinand, “The Dark Of The Matinee”: Can’t go wrong with goofy synchronized dancing (frankly the video could use more of it during the first two verses).

#4) Body Head Bangerz feat. Youngbloodz, “I Smoke, I Drank (Remix)”: Remember Chris Rock’s fit over welfare carols like “1st Of Da Month”? Wonder how he feels about this celebration of addiction. Me, I’m grateful for this kind of shameless social commentary.

#5) Dem Franchise Boyz, “White Tees”: Me, I’m grateful for this kind of shameless social commentary.

#6) Bowling For Soup “1985”: Me, I’m grateful for this kind of shameless social commentary. Also I loved the videos for Alien Ant Farm's "Smooth Criminal" and "Movies," so yay.

#7) Ciara feat. Petey Pablo, “Goodies”: Is she a chubby chaser? She’s grinding away in front of lardos throughtout.

#8) Bjork, “Who Is It”: God, she’s a nut.

#9) Twista feat. R. Kelly, “So Sexy Chapter II (Like This)”: Jim DeRogatis, I ain’t.

#10) LL Cool, “Hush/Shake It Baby”: put your pointer finger to your mouth and, with exaggerated enunciation, say the word “hush.” Now imagine LL doing that. There’s a lot of vets who don’t even have the energy to be silly, so I have respect for clueless Captain Smoove here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Review of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Tell Me What Rockers To Swallow DVD:

I'm probably going to have to vote for "Y Control" on Pazz'n'Jop this year. The album still knocks me out.

Two albums I didn't put in those honorable mentions because there's a chance they might get in my top 20: Saul Williams (which you'd know about if you check Fluxblog, Cocaine Blunts and Suckapants, which you should) and especially Wiley's Treddin' On Thin Ice. Am I the only person who enjoys this album more than Showtime? And since I have no interest in parsing the countless threads about the grime (ooh a room of Reynolds fans having a drawn out, humorless discussion? oooooooh!!! may I????), can someone tell me based solely on what I hear on the record how this album isn't hip-hop? Especially post-Timbaland? I get it historically and geographically, but soundwise the distinction is lost on me.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Been listening to tons of good radio station promos that probably won't be making my top 20 (and as tough at is, I'm still only letting myself keep 20 albums from a single year in their entirety), but deserve a shout-out all the same. So in the spirit of Entertainment Weekly, let's indulge in a little style-bite.

Honorable Mentions (in order of preference)

ChinaAir, F.O.B. Rock Haircut!
Asian-American one-man Blink-182 gets a lot of mileage out of himself ("Bowlcut Blitzkrieg," "You're Big In Japan")

Hellacopters, By The Grace Of God
(Liquor And Poker, 2002 reissue)
'70s arena-rock dreams actually less turgid than the real thing ("Rainy Days Revisted," "The Exorcist")

Blood Brothers, Crimes
The ghost of Tim Taylor has possessed Jack White! Oh shit! Meg, too! ("Peacock Skeleton With Crooked Feathers," "My First Kiss At The Public Execution")

For Against, Echelons
(Words On Music, 1986 reissue)
I had no idea there was a missing link between Flock Of Seagulls and Dag Nasty ("Daylight," "Autocrat")

Radio 4, Stealing Of A Nation
The Rapture with Ted Leo on vocals; Underworld and the Happy Mondays for short attention spans. Hooray for hacks! ("Party Crashers," "Absolute Affirmation")

TV On The Radio, New Health Rock EP
(Touch And Go)
Spirited re-write of hit bj skeez, album highlight, YYYs cover infused with wimawaca ("New Health Rock," "The Wrong Way")

Prodigy, Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned
Side one: classic field hockey jock jams, side two: '98 flashbacks that understandably embarass technoids ("Get Up Get Off," "Action Radar")

Dizzee Rascal, Showtime
Props for the neat beats and bass boost, but American versions of the archetpye rarely grab me either ("Stand Up Tall," "Imagine")

The Zutons, Who Killed...The Zutons
The OK Lost Lola Outtakes ("Pressure Point," "Nightmare Part II")

Camper Van Beethoven, New Roman Times
Hard to complain about jack-off when Cracker couldn't even get it up ("Might Makes Right," "Hey Brother")

Yourcodenameis:milo, All Roads To Fault
(Beggars Banquet)
'98 indiemo basement show flashbacks only Brits could pull off unselfconsciously today ("The Problem," "First Mater Responds")

I may do this again if I don't get too much shit for it.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Good Charlotte review on Stylus. Until they give me a new video or something to react to, I will only talk about these guys if I'm asked something that I haven't already answered a million times. "Dude, they suck! Don't you know they suck?" has been covered.

Ok, one last thing I'll say. No Conor Oberst fan should be giving Joel Madden crap. While I'll still defend Desaparecidos like crazy (dude's better when puts some political in his personal), I threw on the tracks I've kept from Lifted a couple days ago and his emotional angst came off so pompous in comparison. Despite selling millions more records and having even larger legions of girls fawning over him (admittedly, Conor gets more girls over 18), Madden's vulnerability is relatively empathetic and less self-indulgent. It's more Morrissey: "I hurt, and I know you hurt too," rather than "I hurt! Me! Conor!" To paraphrase one of my favorite Ego Trip Book Of Hip-Hop Lists quotes, I'm sick of this "me-me" rappin'. I'd like to hear Bright Eyes' upcoming Sweat/Suit but I'm not sure I want to pay money.

While hanging out with my drinking buddy Harlan last night, he used a word to describe my tastes that seemed pretty dead-on: exasperating.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

My top 14 albums of the year (so far) have this neat little parallel thing going on.

Nellie McKay vs. Kimya Dawson:
Express Yourself.

Mountain Goats vs. The Streets:
Not-Ready-For-VH1 Storytellers.

David Banner vs. Travis Morrison:
Fuck the haters. Represent.

Tegan And Sara vs. Bumblebeez 81:
Sibling Harmony

I Am The World Trade Center vs. Big & Rich:
Just friends?

Interpol vs. The Hives:
Anxious indie boys, overhyped.

Trouble Everyday vs. The Talk:
Anxious indie boys, underhyped.

I find this neat enough that I'm tempted to forsake actuality to keep it in place.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

One thing I love about blogs is how you can sometimes get a sense of what artists people are truly obsessive about. "Holy shit, ANOTHER post about Soul Coughing? WTF? Who cares?" I'm really glad I'm writing a review of the new Good Charlotte album for Stylus next week; recent posts here would be full of redundant gibberish about it otherwise. I'll say this much: "Predictable" has really grown on me.

Being a hardcore Ja Rule hater, I think this is fucking hilarious. Found it over at Pop Life.

It's weird when I remember that I've got a film degree and that this site originally started with music and movie reviews. I got the Neil Young concert film Rust Never Sleeps from the library a few days ago and I've only gotten about half way through it (I've seen it before, though). They're so time and attention-consuming compared to music (and music videos) that I'm rarely inspired to bother unless it's used as a social activity (which is a pretty sporadic event - plus I'm very tempermental about which movies I'm willing to talk during). If was being paid to endure likely mediocrities and weak third acts it'd be one thing (and if the opportunity somehow arose I would happily take a job as a movie critic), but as it stands I don't feel like putting forth the effort it would take to enjoy films the way I enjoy music these days.

Top Ten Recent Movies I Would Like To See Sometime:
1. Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster
2. Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle
3. Control Room
4. Saw
5. Mr. 3000
6. End Of The Century: The Story Of The Ramones
7. Team America
8. Dodgeball
9. The Brown Bunny
10. any other films that Stephanie Zacharek of Salon likes for reasons other than aggressive eroticism

Honorable Mention: any films that Stephanie Zacharek of Salon liked for their aggressive eroticism (I swear, when she realized that Pauline Kael's one regret was not diving further into this element of the cinematic experience she must have decided to make hottie alerts her life's purpose).

Friday, October 15, 2004

I've got a guest post up at Fluxblog today. Trying to get the indie kids to appreciate the joys of pop-metal with the help of Warrant and Kix mp3s. Oh, and there's also an acid-rock Eminem parody by Rip Taylor up. Check it out. Major props to Matthew for letting me do this.

I still have beef with some of Amy Phillips' more infamous moments, but this is pretty awesome.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

For we find comfort in routine...
The Anthony Is Right Top Ten Videos Of The Week Or So. Woot Woot!!

#1) Hives "Two Timing Touch And Broken Bones": Tyrannosaurus Hives is winding up a real contender for my favorite album of the year, and this video does nothing to reduce that possibility. Now that their commercial chances seem nil, can these guys start being a critic's fave? Can I just say "Devo Meets Nuggets" again?

#2) Maroon 5 "She Will Be Loved": In which Sophie Muller reaffirms she is my favorite video director of all time (with respect to Spike Jonze). Instead of gimmicks she used actual people for effect. Visual craft is used to draw attention to the performer, not to the director. This is easily the most melodramatic work I've ever seen of hers and it's beautifully ridiculous. An instant classic story-video. Judging by his sex-obsessed interviews, it's highly possible that singer Adam Levine doesn't realize how campy his sex god shtick is, which makes it even more fun. I've GOT to start staring at women like he does. Cuz I know you want me. Grr.

#3) Mannie Fresh "Real Big": So much larger than life.

#4) Vanessa Carlton, "White Houses": Stephan Jenkins is a very lucky man.

#5) Jon B "Lately": Filmed in that parallel dimension where people give a shit about Jon B. The song's so catchy and his arms are flapping so wildly you have to assume he has NO idea that he's not well-known enough to get made fun of as much he's asking to be. He's still got the pleasures U like.

#6) Nelly feat. Christina Aguilera "Tilt Ya Head Back": I haven't seen it, but I really hope this video is actually a homage to Chicago Joe & And The Showgirl. We need a new chapter in the history of rappers referencing really crappy movies. I only like divas when they're prefixed by the word disco and Aguilera's back in her natural element here.

#7) Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz "What U' Gon Do": Still the King Midas of music. His videos have ruined all parties for me. They're NEVER crunk enough.

#8) Black Eyed Peas "Let's Get It Started": I just can't stop staring at that one guy. You know who I'm talking about. Eegah.

#9) Gwen Stefani "What You Waiting For": It's a trip, but I think somebody should have reminded her of Blondie law: the goofy guys are necessary for contrast and to make your camera time more precious. Plus I could do without the self-reflexive lyrics.

#10) Lindsay Lohan "Rumors": Why can't you people just be satisfied by my cleavage? WHY? According to Launch this is being released by Casablanca Records. I don't know when they resurrected the name but it is SO apt. I wish it was she and not Petey Pablo that signed to Tha Row. Cuz, um, I kind of want these girls to start killing each other.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

I really don't know how full-time critics do it. Spent the day listening to music I know by heart rather than breaking the seal on any of the new stuff I should be checking out. Between new albums by bands they already know about and the new ones they should be discovering, I don't know where one fits in, like, a life.

That said, if someone would like to give me the financial impetus to focus solely on that which is new, feel free.

Mikael Wood's Antics review is the best I've read by far.

I take pride in the fact that I was one of the first people in "the blogosphere" (haha or at least on ILX) to hear Eminem's "Just Lose It" and genuinely like it. Lots of people appear to be coming around to the fact that there's no way a song, nay a SINGLE, by a megastar that focuses solely on his latent homoeroticism and I Love The 90s references can be bad. Especially when the hook-to-minute ratio is even more dense than it was on "My Band." The video is equally slapdash and bonkers. You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find you get what you need.

My favorite take on the track on that thread is by Daria G: It's like when I was in high school and decided to be in the talent show with my dance class because the dance was completely uncool and embarrassing, but it would shock the hell out of everyone, so I got to enjoy watching everyone's jaw drop and the satisfaction of knowing I had done something really uncool on purpose.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Between recent purchases, radio station promos and review promos, I've got about 100 albums piled up to listen to. It's crazy.

Favorites From The Big Pile: David Banner's MTA2: Baptized In Dirty Water, Kimya Dawson's Hidden Vagenda, De La Soul's The Grind Date, Go-Go's Talk Show. I'll probably go into more detail about some of these later, but right now I'm too busy consuming to critique.

Recently I've had some conversations about the nature of criticism. I've been stumbling with the notion that it has something to do with "expressing the subjective objectively," and I recently found an essay about Robert Christgau by Simon Frith that gets at how I feel:

The meaning of music lies in the music itself and in the critic's response to it. Criticism is necessarily objective and subjective. Objectively the music itself-what you hear, the melodies, instruments, voices, words, and, above all, personas-must be described. This may mean research, but it doesn't mean musicology. Neither does it mean that swirl of adjectives that Roland Barthes dismissed as bourgeois folly, nor even the fretful name dropping and genre chopping without which most rock critics can't manage. For Christgau the music is the only evidence for the rightness of his response to it. And the music is what is immediately there, not what it might suggest that isn't.

The critical response is triggered by the music but it is also shaped by the mood and circumstance of the listener (judgements change). The starting point for all criticism is emotional. A record must make the critic feel something, even if that feeling is, in critical practice, intellectual excitement...All music critics must resolve the same contradictions. Brain and body: moved by music and yet detached enough to explain its movement. Chaos and order: disrupted by music but steady enough to restore one's thoughts to order.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Hot Snakes review over at Stylus. The front page of Stylus is Speedo-rific and I couldn't be happier.

Over at ILX I've begun revealing the Top 40 OMGWTFLOL(ROFFLE) Songs Of The 90s as nominated and voted for by forum-users. I'm going to reveal 8 a day for 5 days, so the last one should be announced sometime Friday evening EST (while I'm at work). They're all doozies. Check it out.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Philly, I can always count on U 2 rock me!!! So many people 2 thank!!! Sara G, thanks 4 the floor space!!! Sorry about the dude funk!!! Remember...Mi casa su casa!!! Sara S, U R awesome!!! U need 2 DJ in State College...except everybody would realize who I'm stealing from!!! Ha Ha Ha (Stay Cool)!!! Karen, I wish I saw U for more than 2 slices of pizza (yum!), but I can't complain!!! Lucky 4 every minute around the coolness that is U!!! Keep rockin'!!!

John, U put me on the list!!! Thanks 4 the hugs!!! U R taking it 2 the next level, and I think that's rad!!! Who's that knocking on Dave & Rachel's door??? Could it be...ANTHONY?!?!?! Mr. Show, yes!!! More please!!! Send me that Bill Hicks, dude!!! Keep it real, Sinatra-style (ohhhhh!!!)!!! J.T., if I'm arrogant, well, IT TAKES 1 2 KNOW 1!!! Lets show those bitchdorks (ha ha) what time it is!!! Yes!!! Maria!!! U R da bomb!!! We may not agree on moshpit ethics, but I hope we can agree that U R cool!!! It's people like U who keep indie rock alive!!! Kick ass!!!

The bands!!! Mountain Goats!!! John-John has a whole new meaning!!! Hot Snakes!!! ka-BOOM!!! U Made Me Slam And Point My Finger At U!!! Wow!!! Lion Fever!!! So Hot!!! Walkie Talkies!!! Did U write that song about Anthony with his pants down 4 me or R U MAGIC?!?!!! "Professional Recording Engineer" On The Bus From Philly 2 Harrisburg Who Loudly Declared His "Factual" Knowledge Of All Music Since 1880: Shut The Fuck Up!!!! The crying baby from Harrisburg 2 Philly At Least Didn't Spend Five Minutes Telling People That The Goo Goo Dolls R Just Ripping Off The Cars!!! WTF??? That Said Rakim Is The Most Important Rapper and Chuck Berry Is Indeed The Godfather Of Rock!!! Not sure Blue Oyster Cult is the best band ever, but go on with your interminable self, asshole!!! I only have one ear so when I plug it people think I'm just leaning on my hand, HAHAHAHA!!!

Thanks To AKA Records 4 Underestimating Rap!!! Three bucks 4 used Bonecrusher??? MTA 2 4 FIVE??? Alright, U honkies!!! Word!!! More Cool Shit 4 Cheap 4 Me!!! And Retrospect!!! Not only did I sate my need 4 massive record purchasing with your one dollar vinyl, it was a SPECIAL SALE!!! CHECK OUT WHAT I GOT!!! ALL THIS 4 LESS THAN TEN BUCKS!!!

Alisha, Alisha
Philip Bailey & Phil Collins, "Easy Lover" (12-Inch)
Cinderella, Night Songs
Creedence Clearwater Revival, Cosmo's Factory
Four Tops, Greatest Hits
Go-Go's, Talk Show
Loverboy, Keep It Up
Stevie Nicks, The Wild Heart
Harry Nilsson, Nilsson Schmilsson
Ohio Players, Honey
Ratt, Out Of The Cellar
Ratt, Reach For The Sky
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Stranger In Town
Sex Execs, Sex Execs
Billy Squier, Signs Of Life
Andy Taylor, Thunder
.38 Special, Wild-Eyed Southern Boys
Vanilla Fudge, The Beat Goes On

The Food!!! South Street!!! The Beer!!! The People!!! Philly, U R awesome!!! By the way, I got the idea 2 write like this from the liner notes of the Mountain Goats' Ghana!!! I figured since I just bought 2 Ratt albums I had every right 2 lift the joke!!! You know it!!! I promise never 2 do it again, I swear!!! I'll never get 2 write real liner note thank yous, so INDULGE ME!!!

One last thing, Stylus ran my Top Ten Rocket From The Crypt Songs That Reference Animals on Friday!!! Woo!!! And Most Of All, Thank YOU!!!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Oh yeah, I'm taking a week off to celebrate my birthday. Today I am quarter-aged. Half way up the hill. What, did you think it was a COINCIDENCE that De La Soul, Good Charlotte, Hot Snakes and REM are putting out albums this week? They're PRESENTS.

Too bad REM hasn't known what I wanted in years. Based on what I heard in a listening booth, Around The Sun is like getting an ugly sweater that's three sizes too small.

Anyhow, the break stars NOW. Back on Sunday.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Anthony Is Taking A Week Off. Headed to Philly to get the heck out of town, see some bands (Mountain Goats, Hot Snakes, John Wilkes Booze), spend more money then I should, visit old friends and say howdy to some cool folks I only know via the net.

It's possible I will post something before next Sunday, but it will be entirely by accident.

Have a great week.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

The local public radio station just sold off all their vinyl. I got me lots. Two bucks each.

Archie Bell & The Drells, Where Will You Go When The Party's Over?
Jimmy Castor Bunch, C
Tim Curry, Read My Lips
Tim Curry, Simplicity
Rick Derringer, All-American Boy
Nick Gilder, City Nights
Tim Hardin, Golden Archive Series
John Kay, All In Good Time
Nick Lowe, Nick Lowe And His Cowboy Outfit
Nick Lowe, The Rose Of England
Phil Lynott, Solo In Soho
Phil Lynott, The Phil Lynott Album
Harry Nilsson, Aerial Pandemonium Ballet
NRBQ, Tiddlywinks
Robert Plant, Pictures At Eleven
Gary Private, Private EP
Suzi Quatro, Suzi...And Other Four Letter Words
The Raiders, Greatest Hits, Volume 2
Romeo Void, Never Say Never EP
The Scene Is Now, Burn All Your Records
Peter Schilling, Error In The System
Peter Schilling, Things To Come
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Next...
.38 Special, Special Forces

Albums my friend Toni grabbed despite me whimpering that I would appreciate them more: David Johansen's Here Comes The Night and Rod Stewart's Footloose And Fancy Free. Another pal refused to let me pay him twice the price - that's FOUR smackers - for his copy of the Cruising soundtrack.

Albums I own but bought anyway since they're awesome and I knew I'd feel like giving them to somebody: Polyrock's Polyrock and Neil Young & Crazy Horse's Re*Ac*Tor. I gave them to Toni after her car broke down. When someone's in that situation, the least you can do is give them an album where the band repeats one riff for eleven minutes while Neil yells "got mash potatoes, ain't got no t-bone" over and over.

Oh, and while I didn't buy it and its absurdity is relatively well known, this remains my favorite album cover of all time.

There's a Three's Company episode where Jack's all excited to give the blonde girl a copy.

Friday, October 01, 2004

My Travis Morrison review for Stylus. A little ahead of schedule but I felt inspired to get my voice out there as soon as possible. If you don't know why, consider yourself lucky. I'm pretty sure it's the longest thing I've written since college, at a whopping 1000-1200 words. Oh, except that Good Charlotte rant I put on ILX two years ago.