Monday, July 26, 2004

I've been spinning Give Up by the Postal Service, trying to get a hang on why its so popular. On ILX I commented that I'll probably like the mainstream rip-off act more than these guys, inspiring Johnny Fever to suggest Rob Thomas and Moby should be the participants. Now it is nearly impossible for me to listen to these songs (except "Sleeping In," which I'm shocked isn't the hit rather than "Such Great Heights") without wishing that Thomas was singing rather than Ben Gibbard, whose delivery is by comparison unemotional (ironic, no?). That Jen Wood duet is nearly devoid of drama. What's the point of heartbreak pop if the singer (though Jenny Lewis's back-ups fare better) refuses to get into it? How can "emo" sound so sterile? I also get tired of tittering laptop beats pretty quickly. Swing a little, guys!

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