Saturday, July 24, 2004

I'm moving soon (a few blocks closer to downtown). Everything's piling up.

I haven't gotten to hear them yet (as I said, everything's piling up) but I got CD-Rs from Scott from Rockcriticsdaily and Forksclovetofu from Tofu Hut so far. Just looking at these concept mixes (a capella! harpischord! Canadian headband-rock! vocoder!) makes me so glad I'm doing this swap. Once I finish my big music collection winnowage (I'm up to Sebadoh!) I'm going to REVEL in what y'all are thrusting upon me.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Trouble Everyday were terrific. Sometime soon I'm going to write a good sized piece about T.E. (hell, maybe several). They need to blow up. They need some HYPE. It was weird to see them play to thousands after watching them get ignored by a dozen a few months ago.

While we could see the bands fine, we were far enough away and the sound was quiet enough that I couldn't spazz and jump like I wanted. I hope I get to see them in a club-type setting some day. I can't seem to find a photo of them online that captures how exuberant and joyful Karen O seems when she's bounding around the stage.

She will be mine.

Big props to Kerri for driving and to Dave for letting me know about the show. I forgot to buy a shirt, though. I really want a YYYs shirt.

We saw Rikki Rockett on the street! If I had my cassette of Open Up And Say Ahhh! with me I would have gotten his autograph. I missed C.C. Deville though. DeVille is one of the few people I would shout to on the street. I would shout that Poison fucking rocks. I think he'd appreciate that.

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