Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Going to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Trouble Everyday for FREE in Philly tomorrow. It's like my favorite major league and minor league teams playing against each other. I HAVE to be there.

Ten Songs I'm Really Glad I Heard During The Last 24 Hours:

1) Pussy Galore, "Renegade" (WE GOT THE FUNK! WE GOT THE FUNK!)

2) Pulp, "Like A Friend" (Ok, the line about putting out your cigarettes on his dreams is embarassing, but the climax lets you practice your Cockeresque finger flings)

3) Limp Bizkit, "Eat You Alive" (there was about an hour today where this song seemed profound - gee , I guess I would like to sniff on them panties. I'm not proud, though I'm grateful to Fred Durst for capturing that mood.)

4) Pooh Sticks, "Miss Me" (Highly recommended to people who are headed to an airport in the morning)

5) Salt'n'Pepa, "Shoop" (If I ever enter a bachelor auction, this is going to be my background music)

6) Queens Of The Stone Age "Go With The Flow" (and the beat pummels on...they're just photos, after all)

7) Pere Ubu, "Don't Look Back" (1991 track that was ripped off wholesale by the Pulsars for their near-hit "Tunnel Song." The Pulsars do it better but there's something about David Thomas singing bonafide pop that's extremely affecting. Best example is "Bus Called Happiness," but I didn't hear that today)

8) Fred Schneider, "Bulldozer" (omg that twin guitar solo)

9) Primal Scream, "Accelerator" (Astro-Stooges. If Bobby Gillespie was astro-Iggy I'd probably love these guys)

10) Rob Pollard & Doug Gillard, "Pop Zeus" (most of the album Speak Kindly Of Your Local Fire Department sounds like a disturbingly pompous series of groupie metaphors - EWWWWWW - but this number is so triumphant that it makes me giddy. Electric Newspaper Boy!!!)

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