Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Watched the Bon Scott disc of AC/DC's Family Jewels DVD set last night and reaffirmed that these guys remain my Favorite Band Of All Time. Track after track of bludgeoning riffs, dance beats and bawdy shrieks in praise of wine, women and song. Every rocker sounds the same because its the best rocker recorded. Foolish consistency may be the hobgoblin of little minds but we're fully aware we're Riff Raff on the Highway To Hell and, unlike Alright Replacement Brian Johnson, Bon knows better than to know better: "Take a chance, while you've still got the choice." Since's its all Show Business anyway ("I hear it pays well"), self-awareness and cynicism only add to Bon's relish for earthly pleasures.

The '76 albums were introductions ("Rock'n'Roll Singer," "Dirty Deeds"), '77 going steady ("Whole Lotta Rosie," "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be"), '78 dealing with dumptitude ("Kicked In The Teeth," "What's Next To The Moon") and '79 just getting through the day. Would he have turned into a mere pro like Johnson or continued to find new crevices in his seemingly simple persona? Can you imagine his wedding album? His fatherhood album? If these hypotheses have any merit, his coming out album? If Bon Scott's life is a tragedy, it's only because of the music we'll never get to hear; the dude had more than his fair share of experience, joy & wisdom. I can conceive of a time when his music won't be the most personally satisfying I've ever heard. When I move from independence to the realm of responsibility, lifers I already admire like Randy Newman and Neil Young may hop into the catbird seat and I'll just classify the band as Good-Time Charlies like most people do (there's always the vague possibility I won't look to popular music for heroes). But for now, my utmost respect goes to the group that can make me laugh the hardest and rock the loudest with the least amount of pretension and emo. And if I never meet a day that can't be brightened by popping on one of their albums I doubt I'll regret a thing.

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Thanks to Kelly for watching it with me.

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