Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Fine, I'll see Shrek 2 already!

If "Accidentally In Love" ain't gonna get the Oscar (ignore the dreads, listen without prejudice), I'm glad it went to the song Antonio Banderas got to cover. Banderas is one of the greatest stars to grace the silver screen. Right up there with Joe Don Baker, Judy Davis, Richard Burton and The Rock. They're bringing Zorro back! I can't believe I haven't seen the first one. Totally slept on that.

Top Ten Banderas Movies I Should Really Get Around To Seeing
1. The Mask Of Zorro (as Alejandro Murrieta)
2. Once Upon A Time In Mexico (as El Mariachi)
3. Ballistic: Ecks Vs. Sever (as Agent Jeremiah Ecks)
4. Matador (as Angel)
5. Shrek 2 (as Puss In Boots)
6. Spy Kids (as Gregorio Cortez)
7. Play It To The Bone (as Cesar Dominguez)
8. The Body (as Father Matt Gutierrez)
9. Two Much (as Art Dodge)
10. Miami Rhapsody (as Antonio)

I've seen Assassins, though. Julianne Moore plays an absent-minded cat lover with a very important computer disk. Banderas says "fuck" the way Ricardo Montalban says "Kirk" and treats Sly Stallone the way Montalban treated Kirk. There should be a 10th Anniversary DVD from the Criterion Collection sometime soon. One can hope.

My two favorite songs about cats are up at The Tofu Hut. Indulge!

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