Sunday, March 20, 2005

performing "One Word" at the Australian Video Music Awards earlier this month, my Kelly Osbourne info site of choice, has mp3s of her Live In London DVD on their audio page along with some rarities (the Andrew WK duet isn't as exciting as one would hope). While I still prefer the studio versions on Shut Up! I'm happy to get to hear her without any autopitch or multi-tracking. Undisciplined warble and gusto, devoid of polish, arguably awful but lots of charm. It's like that part of Tiffany's "I Saw Him Standing There" where it sounds like she's going to vomit, only its for every song instead of half a line. The banter is pretty good too: "Ok, I don't even know what song's next! *pause* Oh! I like this one. This is Dig Me Out." Re: "Sunglasses At Night" - "some of you may know this song, some of you may not, but this IS an eighties song because I love the eighties."

While I'm excited to hear the Kraftwerk-inspired eurodance of Sleeping In The Nothing (out in June!), I'm mourning the fact that I'll probably never get to catch her ripping and/or stumbling through this material. Supposedly she thinks Shut Up! stinks. Sigh! It's only one of the best albums of the decade!

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