Friday, March 11, 2005

Of course, by shattering the "one-a-day" rule we allow that there is now the possibility of being two-a-day or even three. I still need a place to point out that Ted Leo's "Since U Been Gone"/"Maps" medley is exactly the kind of worthless novelty bullshit that makes me want to set the concept of the mp3 blog on fire (NO ONE NEEDS TO HEAR THIS, CORNBALLZ). Leo thinking his shtick is enjoyable minus a rhythm section is deluded but forgivable; Leo thinking that he can do something worthwhile with these two songs in a SOLO ACOUSTIC ARRANGEMENT is downright criminal. Paul Banks, in the Interpol cover of my dreams, merely makes his flat baritone louder on the chorus, he doesn't attempt an excruciating falsetto like Leo. When a music nerd says 'Hey, that guitar break is like "Maps",' they don't actually grab an acoustic guitar and yell 'SEE?' Leo's lucky his last two albums are among the finest anthemic, groovy nu-wave out there. Otherwise, I'd wish him ill.

I'd link to the multiple blogs sharing this atrocity but instead I'll point out that Notorious B.I.G.'s "Party & Bullshit" is up at Cocaine Blunts. Get that instead, unless you already have the Who's The Man? soundtrack.

So yeah, this thing gets updated when the spirit (or the gag reflex) moves.

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