Thursday, March 10, 2005

So wrong.

"Caught Up" is a total fifth single. It's catchy-not-classic and less intricate than "Burn" or "Confessions, pt. 2," but an insistent groove and lyrics that acknowledge having a career throw it heads above most drama-rock. Lou Barlow, unlike Usher, never admits to having so many other things he has to do. He certainly wouldn't freak out about someone cramping his style. Actually, maybe siren-phobia isn't that much more admirable than co-dependency. Maybe I just find it funnier. She really turned me out!!!! Aghhhh!!!

Speaking of Loobie, his "Round & Round" cover sounds embarrassingly like Tenacious D. And it's hawked on the sticker! Yeesh. Maybe the Dino Jr. reunion will stick and he and J can play state fairs instead of making indulgent solo albums.

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