Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Been watching the "featured" videos on MTV.com. Already knew I enjoyed Tegan & Sara, My Chemical Romance, Kelly Clarkson, Usher, Saul Williams, Britney Spears. Still annoyed M83 hacked off the last minute of "Don't Save Us From Flames" (the "Schizophrenia" quote is KEY!). Amerie's "1 Thing" is annoying in a cute kind of way. I wish there was a remix of "Get Right" without a verse by J. Lo. I get the hook in that but I don't get the hook in "1,2 Step" yet. The most memorable line of MIA's "Sunshowers" is "I salt and pepper my mango," reaffirming that I don't give a shit until someone more than one degree of separation from a blog gives a shit. For some reason the Nivea, Mario, T.I., Mike Jones and Embrace UK videos require I sign up for more net security or something. Ambulance LTD looks like four Pete Yorns, but their new single sounds like the Clientele with a pulse - only video I hadn't already seen that makes me want to find out more about the artist. No one in Client's "Pornography" has ever seen porn. Faith Evans discovered that more money meant more problems, but in the long run she's glad she made it (get the gun). N2U is like Marques Houston but there's four guys reaching a hand out and moaning "please girl" instead of one, which doesn't quite add up to one Frankie J, but I appreciate the effort (I doubt Usher knows who these people are, so don't worry your little head about it either). I have no idea what an Aberfeldy is, but it sounds like Damon Albarn so I don't care. The Used, Breaking Benjamin, Simple Plan and Chevelle need to die inna Braveheart stylee. I'd expand the sentiment to the Diplomats but, well, bloggers don't get all het up about Chevelle the way they do over Killa and his delightful compatriots. Mando Diao reaffirms that I shouldn't welcome a band (like, say, Jet) unless I want to look forward to an uninspired knock-off in a year. So fuck Jet. The Green Day of 1994 need to be shown their cover of "If You Could Only See The Way She Loves Me" so I can watch them cry the way I did watching the Angel video (imagine Tara Reid aping Xtina while Noah's Archetypes do backflips - I'd complain further, but I know this isn't actually going to be a hit).

I need to stop watching music videos.

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