Thursday, December 09, 2004

The two comments that follow my Neil Young review at Stylus stand as proof that some people don't actually read the damn thing before commenting. Ratings blow. There's a reason I stopped propagating that crap on here a while back. My two cents on "Toxic" is up on the Stylus Top Singles of 2004. I like that list a lot. Excited to see how the albums poll pans out!

Due to relatively brief sets by both bands last night, Roustabout wrapped up a half-hour early. I still got to play tons of tracks. Everybody was really supportive and kind. Both bands were friendly and didn't draw out their soundchecks (I understand bands need to set levels and all of that, but its clear when some people are just noodling away loudly out of boredom and drowning out the DJ). Jesse and Adam got the mixer working, Marco the sound guy had me coming through clear, Mike the owner was nice, and my bartender-in-charge (I need to find out her name) was handing me the PBR's every time I stepped up to the bar (there are few things as awesome as the bartender knowing what you want before you get there).

The "before band" sets to tend feature lots of songs that I love but won't freak if a banging drum head or "CHECK 1 2" interrupts the fun.

The Make Up - Here Comes The Judge
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Backslider
Strokes - The End Has No End
Self - Pattycake
Girls Against Boys - Kill The Sexplayer
Kraftwerk - Trans-Europe Express (request from Jess!)
Brainiac - Pussyfootin' (request from Megan!)
Sebadoh - Gimmie Indie Rock (meant to play "The Ocean" but this was actually more apt)
Imperial Teen - Lipstick (lead singer from A Brown Leaf thanked me later for playing this. I guess he doesn't just listen to alt-country!)
Cure - Why Can't I Be You?
Frank Black - Hang On To Your Ego (meant to play "Men In Black" but this was actually more apt)
Helium - Leon's Space Song
Morrissey - Sister, I'm A Poet (bad half-ironic dancing broke out from some non-regulars during this)
Pulp - Babies
Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies)
Local H - Toxic (the bad half-ironic dancing reached its apex here, logically)

Then A Brown Leaf played.

Guided By Voices - Quality Of Armor
McLusky - To Hell With Good Intentions
Fever - Ladyfingers
Travis Morrison - Born In '72
Beastie Boys - Hey Ladies (another request from Jess cuz she was DRUNK and wanted to DANCE!)
Electric Six - I'm The Bomb
Elevis Costello - I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea
French Kicks - Don't Thank Me

Then National Eye played. The singer made some irreverent comment about me and I responded by yelling "SWING ON THESE!" Later he claimed that he was actually trying to commend my set but fucked it up. I didn't really mind, since it gave me the excuse to yell "SWING ON THESE!" I also felt bad because the VH1 Big In 2004 Awards on the TV in my eyeline kept distracting me. Usher was wearing a knit cap, sunglasses, a thick jacket and a pained-yet-kingly-kind facial expression I wish I could achieve. I'm disappointed he didn't further shut out the world by wearing a parka. 12:20 is pretty early to have to break into the post-show dance set (usually the night reaches this point at 1:15). And "dance set" in Roustabout-speak doesn't mean long dance remixes (though I kinda wish I could have played "Yeah" by LCD Soundsystem - old hat for big city hipsters, brand spanking new for our scene), just poppy hits.

Pixies - I've Been Tired
Ted Leo/Pharmacists - Where Have All The Rudeboys Gone?
Killers - Mr. Brightside
Gang Of Four - Damaged Goods
Sloan - False Alarm
Wire - Ex-Lion Tamer (request from National Eye dude)
Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out
Cure - Just Like Heaven (request from Catherine)
Sahara Hotnights - Who Do You Dance For?

At this point the place had really thinned out (if people can leave early on a Wednesday night they're gonna), but pals and regulars were still around so I moved away from straight indie and into the kind of set I'd play if it wasn't "indie night." I wanted to fit in some Fluxboggery and new jack swing but didn't really have the time. Someday I'll get to do a truly unhinged set with no "indie night" assumptions.

AC/DC - Girls Got Rhythm
Interpol - PDA
Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy (spinning the first CD I ever owned! Heavy!)
Nerves - Hangin' On The Telephone (request from Kristen a.k.a. Jesse's Girl, since I forgot to bring some Blondie and she'd never heard the original)
Grandaddy - Stray Dog and The Chocolate Shake
Daft Punk - Digital Love (request from Catherine, who could not get me to play Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer" when I've only got 15 minutes left in my indulgent end-of-night set. But I danced with her to make up for it)
Pavement - Stereo
R. Kelly - Red Carpet (Pause, Flash)

All in all it was a pretty great night, though during the event itself my nervousness made me rather blabby and testy - thanks to Craig, Megan, Max, Jacob, Veronica, Jess and everybody else for enduring my snippy chatter. I usually prefer to DJ with more aggro, jumpy bands but I'm starting to get the hang of getting the music to my preferred state no matter who precedes or follows. Can't wait to DJ again.

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