Friday, December 03, 2004

"Complex salacious removal, complex salacious removal, complex...salacious...removal. Done!"

Paul Banks is the best bad poet of the 21st century. Hell, he's the best bad of poet of the NEW MILLENIUM. I love being able to make grandiose yet meaningless statements like that. I've been listening to both Interpol albums incessantly. Best band of the millenium? Only time will tell.

Laura H started a thread about The Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea on ILX. It's pretty fascinating. It looks so ominous in the background of photos. Dark clouds should form around it, a la Ghostbusters. Magick in the air. There are similar examples of architectural insanity throughout the thread.

For more North Korean trippiness, check out Mo Kin. Watch that lil' sparkplug go! Thanks to Yancey for finding this (I'd link directly to his blog post about it but the permalink isn't working).

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