Friday, December 10, 2004

Five reasons "Just Lose It" is a great song (cuz seriously, some of you still act like petrified wood when it comes on):

1. It's Friday and it's my day/ Used to party all the way to Sunday/ Maybe 'til Monday/ I don't know what day/ Everyday's just a holiday


3. I'm a grown man! Tubba tubba tubba tubba tubba tubba tubba, I don't have any lines to go right here so tubba, Tellytubby!

4. Fellas! (WHAT!) Fellas! (WHAT!) Grab your left nut, make your right one jealous! (what?)

5. touch my body

Plus he includes a homage to LL Cool J's "Back Seat" at the end of the last verse!

Aw, screw it, you hate fun. You're worried that an overhyped white hero in a predominantly black field is losing his dignity. Sad. I won't give anybody crap for hating on "Mosh," though. That track is interminable.

Though Al probably doesn't approve of anything I've just said about "Just Lose It," I love him like a brother (dare I say that we are the Brandon Walsh and Steve Sanders of the blogosphere???). Some day John Mayer will discover our affection for him (we'll probably be the only people who vote for "Clarity" in Pazz'n'Jop this year) and realize that we're the only critics who truly understand him. We'll get to roll in his Leo-style posse, dance with your dates and be editors for the future King Of All Media's inevitable magazine, Wonderland.

I am the future.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully have a very good reason to mention another site run by someone who doesn't appreciate my love for Shady at his silliest.

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