Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I can't tell if "Take It Easy" by Bright Eyes is unusually weak or if I've just lost all sympathy for Conor Oberst's melodrama. Either way, I doubt I'll be spending my own money on "Lua" or the upcoming Sweat/Suit combo. Bring back Desaparecidos, please! I may not want to read Conor's lj but I'd be up for some political rants from the Dylan (by depressing default) of emo. Read Music/Speak Spanish remains my favorite album of the 21st century.

Has anybody else heard the RTX album Transmaniacon? I mentioned it awhile back, but I like it more than any Royal Trux album I've heard (though Thank You and Veterans Of Disorder come close). Two questions: if Neil Hagerty is so pissed than how come he hasn't stopped Drag City from putting it out, and is that "One Nation Under A Groove" they sample at the end of "Resurrect"? If I owned some webspace I'd be posting the track here. Maybe it would be a good idea to buy some for emergency situations like this.

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