Saturday, December 11, 2004

rollin' with the superstars

As hinted at in the previous post's comment box, I am now Silkk the Shocker to John's Master P at The Tofu Hut. Filling the role of Mia X is Chantelle Fiddy, who's offering some of the grimest grime that has ever been grimed. As the resident "pop rocka" (a term I'll happily accept), I'll be dropping a song or two there every week or so. As I've stated here, I'm hungry to share some tracks but don't feel like adding to the glut of mp3 blogs already in existence. That one of the scene's best and brightest would ask me to taint his impressive site with slices of my personal canon is an incredible honor. I'll do my best to live up to the standard he's achieved.

This week (at the bottom of today's "15" post) I'm sharing Rocket From The Crypt's "Human Torch" (which ironically did not get played when I DJed Wednesday) and the Osmonds' "Crazy Horses," the blueprint for all things Speedo.

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