Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I've declared a personal moratorium on interblog noise, but I can still talk about other stuff on the internet. I feel like celebrating community.

Stylus is unspooling its Top 40 Singles of 2004 this week (10 a day - 20 up now, and personal staff lists on Friday). My blurb for Liz Phair's "Extraordinary" is up already and I got to write the shout-out for another controversial major-label vixen who will probably show up on Thursday (I'm pretty sure she's a contender for the top spot). Knock on wood and bearing future bouts of writer's block, I should be returning to my previous state of productivity for the mag. While I never would have big-upped "Take Your Mama Out," "Slow Jamz" or EITHER Morrissey track (wtf), I'm really proud to be part of this. A trippy list by some trippy people. Hell, I get off on the font.

Stylus-related aside: Dom Passantino has yet again given me the giggles. A must-read for all Green Day fans (hi Dave!).

I'm DJing tomorrow tonight at Roustabout!, so State College, PA is the place to be. Biggie "fuck hoes at Penn State" Smalls knew that. Philly's National Eye and our very own A Brown Leaf will be performing. Roustabout godfather Jeff Van Fossan deserves a public display of gratitude here. If not for him, the overwhelming majority of bands on this list would not have played in town and I'd never see any live music. His band The Bullet Parade is pretty good too. They have to be, or else I wouldn't have been able to stand seeing them every damn week for over a year (ok, there was a two-month period where I would run from the bar if they broke into "Radio Envy"). Their new songs are their best yet, thanks in large part to bassist Jenn Partyka, who makes me wish every band had a Peter Hook nut. When they finally record those tracks I'll probably buy a copy. Or maybe I won't, since I'll hear them 3,939,331,934 times anyway!!! This town needs more good bands, but Jeff is the last person to complain to about that. He's more than done his part.

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