Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Well, it's been three days. Read the ODB memorial at Tofu Hut.

Five New Videos Worth Checking Out.

Blink-182 "Always": I got rid of several hundred CDs this summer after burning my favorite tracks. I kept "Feeling This," "I Miss You" and "Obvious" from Blink-182. It doesn't inspire thoughts of re-purchase, but the video, one of those split-screen long-takes where you have to watch it a couple times to figure out how they pulled it off, makes the song seem more noteworthy than it did in the context of the album. I'll grab it on the eventual best-of.

Blood Brothers "Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck": I prefer my mental image of the White Stripes going apeshit Brainiac-style, but the guy singing Meg's part is pretty entertaining too.

D-12 "U R The One": I understand why some people find these guys annoying, but I always prefer their puerile giggle-fests to plodding Emo-nem ("My Band">>>>>>>>>>>>>>"How Come"). It sounds like they casually pass the mic around, trying to crack each other up. Think of them as Eminem's Crazy Horse: goofball idiot savants who bring out the silliest in their brilliant pal. Thankfully, it doesn't look like any of them are going to pull a Danny Whitten.

Grandaddy "Nature Anthem": This video was on the CD for Sumday, but its being hawked as a "new song" now that its on their Below The Radio Mix-CD. The dancing animals are amusing enough that you might not realize Jason Lytle is stating his band's thesis. If the environmentalist movement picks up in the next year or so (as it well should), they could do a lot worse for a theme song. Beats screaming.

Walkmen, "Little House Of Savages": Unlike the Blood Brothers, this video offers nothing to make up for killing my mental image for this song, which was that Jonathan Fire*Eater had reunited. The music is commendably illusory, though, and I'm gradually less offended by the existence of Hamilton Leithauser, who has the audacity to be hold his mic like Henry Rollins, have blond hair and not be Stewart Lupton. Has anybody heard Lupton's new band, Child Ballads? Any good?

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