Sunday, November 28, 2004


Anybody who says I don't like "dance music" gets the gas face. Look at my singles lists and tell me these tracks plod. Nobody in State College would make that assumption, for they have seen me bust ludicrous amounts of ludicrous ass. Ludicrously. I've been enjoying the DFA Comp #2 so much that I'm tempted to explore some of the "techno" I've ignored of the years. Then I remember what humorless puritans its enthusiasts can be. OK, rock fans can get that way too, I know. But still, I thought y'all were supposed to be giddy little plur babies, not ponderous sociologists with a defintion-fetish. Maybe I just don't get to hear the right people talk about it. Anyhow, I like DFA Comp #2. My favorite tracks are the more "song"-ish stuff by LCD Soundsystem and the Rapture, but I find the whole thing consistent and easy to listen to (despite being 3CDs!). Flows nicely and, here's the kicker, never bores me or gets too brainy. Where do I go next?

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