Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Moral (noun): a rule you live by even if no one is around. Moral (adjective): Having the soul to balance one's words and deeds, and living by one's creeds - but you, you're simply greedy. Don't talk to me about morality, 'cause you're as moral as hyenas in a playpen - and now I'm getting mad again.

Decency (noun): The skill of being kind to people who get you down. Decent (adjective): Being OK with different points of view and generally having a clue; but you, you never do. You wouldn't know it if it fucked you in the ass, and I know I'm getting crass, but there you go.

- Travis Morrison, "The Word Cop"

I refuse to be fatalistic about this. This wasn't some '84-style landslide. This was heavily contested (heavily contestable, I mean) and, at worst, one seriously slim victory for Bush. Battles were lost, but the war isn't over. Listen to music that makes you happy, READ and revel in the awesomeness of those you know until you find out something productive you can do about this crap.

The Pnut House wraps the losses up nicely. I love this blog a lot. I found out about it from Pop Life. Pays to check out those link lists, folks.

Maria T is going to be putting up mp3s from Philly bands on her blog. The Stypod entry right after mine is from Jess. Pennsylvania pride.

I don't want to fight. I don't want to hear your talk. I only want to know when to walk and when to run. I don't want revenge; I don't want to save my pride; I only want to know I tried the best I can.
- Travis Morrison, "Angry Angel"

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