Monday, November 22, 2004

I'm listening to Trick Daddy's Thug Matrimony. Kicked off with some N-word tracks, then some children's choir cuts, then some B-word tracks, and now he's in love. The next song features Ronald Isley and the one after that has a fellow named Dirt Bag on it. Solid stuff, but so schizo. Nobody warned me that "Sugar" interpolates the chorus of "Sugar On My Tongue." I almost spit out my soda, but I suppose its not surprising that hook handler Cee-Lo has a copy of Sand In The Vaseline.

I ignored Stephen Malkmus' Pig Lib when it came out, but my friend TJ's approval and this review by JBR inspired me to pick it up when I found it on the cheap a month ago. I like it more than anything the guy's done since Wowee Zowee. The Jicks are better at mellow grooves than Pavement was and Malkmus has grown into a confident romantic lead. Even the bonus EP is strong. Fluxblog's got a recent live track up. I'm actually looking forward to more Malkmus. It's been been a while since I've felt that way!

He was my idol in high school, though. Shows up a couple times in the Alt-Rock Photo Collage I made back in the day. I like how De La Soul and Johnny Cash are my respective rap and country tokens on the bottom left. Lou Barlow, Peter Buck, Ira Kaplan, Sterling Morrison, Bob Mould, Jon Spencer, John Reis, and Greg Dulli also got multiple nods. I'm hopeful about Barlow's upcoming solo Merge debut, but of all those nineties heroes of mine, only Speedo and Malkmus are still at the top of their game.

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