Friday, November 12, 2004

Despite my long and respectable career as a thespian, I would rather be remembered as the highest-paid telemarketer in history. Bill Hicks cannot wait to knife me when I get to heaven.

I saw The Sw!ms on Wednesday night, and if you get a chance I recommend checking them out. The rhythm section is way stronger than most of the indie-pop I hear these days. Plus the drummer bites her tongue while she plays. It's really cute. I would have bought their EP if I wasn't spending what little money I had on beer. It's rare I hear a Shins-style group who can do the up-tempo stuff and ballads like "Jon Vs. Tron-Bon" with equal flair, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing them again. Come back soon!

One thing, though. Bands need to stop telling audiences they can dance or that they should throw their hands in the air or whatever. If we want to be enthusiastic, we will be. Try inspiring it through acts rather than requests - it would probably make the victory that much sweeter. When I saw the Electric Six play at the Siren Festival the singer would wave to the audience and a large portion would wave back. He never said "do what I do!" I'm not against interaction at all - feel free to ask us how we're doing. Just don't demand a specific response.

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