Tuesday, November 09, 2004

i like dem gurlz

Yet more reasons to hump all of the Donnas' legs (sorry, Tyler, no nudes). Aidin Vaziri's work is so refreshing. If I had to take a stab at "journalism" (as opposed to "criticism"), he would be the guy I'd style-jack. The world could use more than one. Still haven't heard Gold Medal yet.

I didn't give two shits about the new Jay-Z movie until I read this review.

Drunk indie freaks hollering "Exit Flagger" at a GBV Karaoke show, now available at Her Jazz. The perfect gift for GBV hater and fan alike.

Fred Durst is the new Jack London.

I hear the Handsome Boy Modeling School album has been postponed. What they should do is let De La Soul and Casual use their tracks as b-sides and release full-length Prince Paul/Tim Meadows and Dan The Automator/Jack Johnson collabos. Throw the rest in the trash.

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