Sunday, October 10, 2004

Philly, I can always count on U 2 rock me!!! So many people 2 thank!!! Sara G, thanks 4 the floor space!!! Sorry about the dude funk!!! Remember...Mi casa su casa!!! Sara S, U R awesome!!! U need 2 DJ in State College...except everybody would realize who I'm stealing from!!! Ha Ha Ha (Stay Cool)!!! Karen, I wish I saw U for more than 2 slices of pizza (yum!), but I can't complain!!! Lucky 4 every minute around the coolness that is U!!! Keep rockin'!!!

John, U put me on the list!!! Thanks 4 the hugs!!! U R taking it 2 the next level, and I think that's rad!!! Who's that knocking on Dave & Rachel's door??? Could it be...ANTHONY?!?!?! Mr. Show, yes!!! More please!!! Send me that Bill Hicks, dude!!! Keep it real, Sinatra-style (ohhhhh!!!)!!! J.T., if I'm arrogant, well, IT TAKES 1 2 KNOW 1!!! Lets show those bitchdorks (ha ha) what time it is!!! Yes!!! Maria!!! U R da bomb!!! We may not agree on moshpit ethics, but I hope we can agree that U R cool!!! It's people like U who keep indie rock alive!!! Kick ass!!!

The bands!!! Mountain Goats!!! John-John has a whole new meaning!!! Hot Snakes!!! ka-BOOM!!! U Made Me Slam And Point My Finger At U!!! Wow!!! Lion Fever!!! So Hot!!! Walkie Talkies!!! Did U write that song about Anthony with his pants down 4 me or R U MAGIC?!?!!! "Professional Recording Engineer" On The Bus From Philly 2 Harrisburg Who Loudly Declared His "Factual" Knowledge Of All Music Since 1880: Shut The Fuck Up!!!! The crying baby from Harrisburg 2 Philly At Least Didn't Spend Five Minutes Telling People That The Goo Goo Dolls R Just Ripping Off The Cars!!! WTF??? That Said Rakim Is The Most Important Rapper and Chuck Berry Is Indeed The Godfather Of Rock!!! Not sure Blue Oyster Cult is the best band ever, but go on with your interminable self, asshole!!! I only have one ear so when I plug it people think I'm just leaning on my hand, HAHAHAHA!!!

Thanks To AKA Records 4 Underestimating Rap!!! Three bucks 4 used Bonecrusher??? MTA 2 4 FIVE??? Alright, U honkies!!! Word!!! More Cool Shit 4 Cheap 4 Me!!! And Retrospect!!! Not only did I sate my need 4 massive record purchasing with your one dollar vinyl, it was a SPECIAL SALE!!! CHECK OUT WHAT I GOT!!! ALL THIS 4 LESS THAN TEN BUCKS!!!

Alisha, Alisha
Philip Bailey & Phil Collins, "Easy Lover" (12-Inch)
Cinderella, Night Songs
Creedence Clearwater Revival, Cosmo's Factory
Four Tops, Greatest Hits
Go-Go's, Talk Show
Loverboy, Keep It Up
Stevie Nicks, The Wild Heart
Harry Nilsson, Nilsson Schmilsson
Ohio Players, Honey
Ratt, Out Of The Cellar
Ratt, Reach For The Sky
Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band, Stranger In Town
Sex Execs, Sex Execs
Billy Squier, Signs Of Life
Andy Taylor, Thunder
.38 Special, Wild-Eyed Southern Boys
Vanilla Fudge, The Beat Goes On

The Food!!! South Street!!! The Beer!!! The People!!! Philly, U R awesome!!! By the way, I got the idea 2 write like this from the liner notes of the Mountain Goats' Ghana!!! I figured since I just bought 2 Ratt albums I had every right 2 lift the joke!!! You know it!!! I promise never 2 do it again, I swear!!! I'll never get 2 write real liner note thank yous, so INDULGE ME!!!

One last thing, Stylus ran my Top Ten Rocket From The Crypt Songs That Reference Animals on Friday!!! Woo!!! And Most Of All, Thank YOU!!!

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