Saturday, October 16, 2004

One thing I love about blogs is how you can sometimes get a sense of what artists people are truly obsessive about. "Holy shit, ANOTHER post about Soul Coughing? WTF? Who cares?" I'm really glad I'm writing a review of the new Good Charlotte album for Stylus next week; recent posts here would be full of redundant gibberish about it otherwise. I'll say this much: "Predictable" has really grown on me.

Being a hardcore Ja Rule hater, I think this is fucking hilarious. Found it over at Pop Life.

It's weird when I remember that I've got a film degree and that this site originally started with music and movie reviews. I got the Neil Young concert film Rust Never Sleeps from the library a few days ago and I've only gotten about half way through it (I've seen it before, though). They're so time and attention-consuming compared to music (and music videos) that I'm rarely inspired to bother unless it's used as a social activity (which is a pretty sporadic event - plus I'm very tempermental about which movies I'm willing to talk during). If was being paid to endure likely mediocrities and weak third acts it'd be one thing (and if the opportunity somehow arose I would happily take a job as a movie critic), but as it stands I don't feel like putting forth the effort it would take to enjoy films the way I enjoy music these days.

Top Ten Recent Movies I Would Like To See Sometime:
1. Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster
2. Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle
3. Control Room
4. Saw
5. Mr. 3000
6. End Of The Century: The Story Of The Ramones
7. Team America
8. Dodgeball
9. The Brown Bunny
10. any other films that Stephanie Zacharek of Salon likes for reasons other than aggressive eroticism

Honorable Mention: any films that Stephanie Zacharek of Salon liked for their aggressive eroticism (I swear, when she realized that Pauline Kael's one regret was not diving further into this element of the cinematic experience she must have decided to make hottie alerts her life's purpose).

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