Monday, October 18, 2004

Good Charlotte review on Stylus. Until they give me a new video or something to react to, I will only talk about these guys if I'm asked something that I haven't already answered a million times. "Dude, they suck! Don't you know they suck?" has been covered.

Ok, one last thing I'll say. No Conor Oberst fan should be giving Joel Madden crap. While I'll still defend Desaparecidos like crazy (dude's better when puts some political in his personal), I threw on the tracks I've kept from Lifted a couple days ago and his emotional angst came off so pompous in comparison. Despite selling millions more records and having even larger legions of girls fawning over him (admittedly, Conor gets more girls over 18), Madden's vulnerability is relatively empathetic and less self-indulgent. It's more Morrissey: "I hurt, and I know you hurt too," rather than "I hurt! Me! Conor!" To paraphrase one of my favorite Ego Trip Book Of Hip-Hop Lists quotes, I'm sick of this "me-me" rappin'. I'd like to hear Bright Eyes' upcoming Sweat/Suit but I'm not sure I want to pay money.

While hanging out with my drinking buddy Harlan last night, he used a word to describe my tastes that seemed pretty dead-on: exasperating.

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