Sunday, October 17, 2004

My top 14 albums of the year (so far) have this neat little parallel thing going on.

Nellie McKay vs. Kimya Dawson:
Express Yourself.

Mountain Goats vs. The Streets:
Not-Ready-For-VH1 Storytellers.

David Banner vs. Travis Morrison:
Fuck the haters. Represent.

Tegan And Sara vs. Bumblebeez 81:
Sibling Harmony

I Am The World Trade Center vs. Big & Rich:
Just friends?

Interpol vs. The Hives:
Anxious indie boys, overhyped.

Trouble Everyday vs. The Talk:
Anxious indie boys, underhyped.

I find this neat enough that I'm tempted to forsake actuality to keep it in place.

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