Saturday, June 26, 2004

Singles whose videos I watched on that may or may not be Anthony-approved (except Big & Rich and especially the Hives):

Eamon, "I Love Them Ho's": Since I didn't realize it was removed from the clean copy I've got, I originally assumed the word "ho's" (wtf is with that apostrophe?) was added to the original song. I wouldn't have put it past the guy. The video cuts to a snippet of his bitter "Girl Act Right" while he rolls around on a giant bed with six women. No one is trippin' balls harder than Eamon. Respect.

Big & Rich, "Save A Horse (Ride A Cowboy)": these guys are trippin' balls too, but in a totally benign, harmless way. Kid Rock go home. You have been replaced.

Muse, "Time Is Running Out": They offer a pretty slinky verse for a bunch of Radiohead wanna-bes (that drawn-out vocal on the chorus wouldn't have been conceivable before Thom Yorke).

Killers, "Somebody Told Me": Hipsters are still having sex. I used to wonder how people in the '80s could take '80s bands seriously. Is that Hansel on bass? He's so hot right now.

Hives, "Walk Idiot Walk": If I enjoy the rest of the album as much as I dig this track, we may be looking at my favorite album of the year. Peppy songs about stupid assholes? Sign me up.

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