Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Did anybody else start sweating profusely when they first heard "All Nite" by Janet Jackson? There's few things more enjoyable these days than walking home from work late at night and being bowled over by a new single on the radio. The dark sky, empty streets and deafening-if-you-want-it headphones (which I don't otherwise wear when listening to music - I can only hear out of one ear, I live in mono) are so beneficial to hearing something fresh and audacious. I almost fell down when I heard Usher burnin' hoo-hoo-hoo and nearly started running when Matchbox 20 dignified the gospel choir on their "Downfall" by slamming the guitars and drums back in at full power (ambitiousness looks so cute on these guys, Rob Thomas is the gawky god of vulnerability right now). My face must have been rife with giggly disbelief when "F*ck It" first hit my ears and there may well have been tears the first time I let myself listen to "My Immortal" all the way through. I'm almost grateful the tape deck part of these bastards always gets fucked up (Coby brand portable cassette players, YOU'RE ON MY LIST).

I can understand why people don't like radio if they listen to just one station consistently, but when walking all over town it's really easy to just flip around from station to station finding the right song for the moment. It also helps that I actively anticipate hearing Lil' Jon and "Hey Ya" for the 858483rd time.

Oh yeah, that Janet Jackson track is like Aaliyah with the sex-o-meter jacked up to 11. Scratch that, 13.

Song by a horny woman that I am NOT enjoying: Kimberly Locke, "8th World Wonder."

Will I get the shit kicked out of me if I ever sing Martina McBride's "This One's For The Girls" at karaoke? The verse about 25-year-old girls kinda describes my "type."

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