Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe The Plumber

Registered republican, unregistered plumber. Not even remotely close to getting a tax hike from Obama, even if he somehow finds a way to buy a $250,000 plumbing company.

It's great to finally give this archetype a name. Joe The Plumber: the guy who isn't rich now, but worries that if he somehow becomes rich, he won't enjoy it. Why? Because he'll pay 3 cents to the dollar more on what he makes over a quarter million. So we better be real nice to rich people, cuz someday he'll be one.

But hey, his name might be yanked from the voter rolls in Ohio, as it's misspelled. So no worries.

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blackmail is my life said...

McCain's going to regret this whole 'Joe the Plumber' ploy in the next 48 hours.