Sunday, October 19, 2008

And I Hear She Knows Something About 'Great Songwriting.'

Lucinda Williams, an artist I've never been able to get enthusiastic about, discussing her recent listening habits in Elle (a magazine someone has been leaving in my bathroom):

L: In the past two years, I've started listening to heavier metaly, harder rock stuff. I just fell in love with Audioslave-the songs are so spiritually driven. And I was going, "God, this is great songwriting." I was listening to Tool.

E: Tool? Really?

L: They're great! They're coming from that similar place that I came from, which is more blues-based rock stuff with those real in-depth lyrics.

This isn't raising my interest.


Alfred Soto said...

You could start leaving Esquire or Playboy.

Anthony said...

haha, ironically, it's Leila that's considering subscribing to Esquire (for the articles). I'm too lazy to subscribe to anything.