Friday, October 24, 2008

What this is? Forgot? Now I must remind you!

Due to my increasing detachment from the world of rockcrit (I still have plenty of rock crit friends, but I don't necessarily talk to them about new music or scour ILM or write any pro reviews these days), I sometimes forget that a lot of people think of me as the guy that inexplicably likes some godawful rock song/band/trend. It has been a while since I loved a recent hit that I knew (or could safely assume) my peers despised. Blame their increasing popism, my increasing rockism, our increasing age, new music's increasing assitude, whatever.

This is why I thank you, Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil' Wayne. Your cheeseball tribute to the second half of Timbaland Presents: Shock Value is just the reaffirmation of identity that I needed. This is the best faux-Electric Six song on the pop charts since "Paralyzer." Very failed crossover Armand Van Helden. Proof that the world wants their rap, techno and rock in one shameless blast. This is my scene and it's freaking me out!

I keep checking Wikipedia and such to see if the song is part of an ad campaign that would explain how this made the Top Ten when Lloyd feat. Lil' Wayne (which is respectably awesome) can't get anywhere. But I've yet to hear any reason for the success of "Let It Rock" other than that a lot of people are paying a dollar to download it. Which is awesome.

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