Thursday, October 02, 2008


Can someone explain to me how the new Kings Of Leon sold over 30,000 more copies in its first week than their last album? England's got these guys at #1 which is UH, but hey, England. Are people in America really getting down with their new single, "Sex On Fire"? You know, the one that goes "yeeeeaaaahhhh, this sex is on fire!" four times in the chorus. Or maybe you don't, and now you'll do your best to make sure you never do.

So was the only problem with Ryan Adams' Rock'n'Roll that he didn't drawl? Are people looking for a combo of U2 and Nickelback? These dingleberries were a snore on SNL (looked like Michael Pitt had his own 30 Seconds To Mars), and I can't think of another reason their record sales should be on an up when every other shitty rock one-note band is struggling. "Sex On Fire" is barely in the Modern Rock Top 20, though it has been deemed "air power" along side the Killers' "Human" (because they blow, I guess). Maybe it will pick up sexy steam.

I actually heckled these guys when they played Penn State after their first album (sang "Last Nite" - in key! - during an instrumental break and repeatedly demanded they look at their hands), and I've yet to hear a song aside from "The Bucket" - where the southern-fried Strokes gets kinda cute in an Adam Duritz way - that I can tolerate. Now they're back with a desperate crack at Benign Arena Rock and it actually seems to be paying off. Are you fucking to this song, young people? Well, stop! It's gross!

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