Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Oscar
Buy a novel about a pimp-turned-actor who will stop at nothing to get an Oscar (imagine Get Shorty as a cautionary epic). Pay Harlan Ellison to adapt, adding money lines like "Will you stop beating on my ears! I've had it up to here with all this bring-down!" Cast dramatic legends like Jill St. John, Tony Bennett and Milton Berle. Sprinkle heavily with cameos. Overbake. Serve.

Club Dread
A relaxed horror spoof that's not as good as comedies that make you laugh every five seconds, but a lot more likable than the ones that try and fail. Major points for scoring the movie with Jimmy Buffett parodies sung by Bill Paxton.

The Contender
Great actors, windy speeches, major issues, absurdly contrived subplots, liberal fantasies both self-adoring and masochist. All that keeps the film from just being a watchable throwback to the glory days of Henry Fonda is Joan Allen's palpable frustration with institutional sexism. This would be guaranteed $100 million and a best actress Oscar if it was coming out this Christmas.

After The Thin Man
Aside from a young Jimmy Stewart's climactic freakout, there's nothing of interest aside from the boozy, hilarious leads, which makes the movie excruciating when they're away too long. Oddly, this is exactly how I feel about Strange Brew.

The Love-Ins
Tim Leary, as played by Not Richard Burton, gets the Wild In The Streets treatment. LSD freakouts (complete with psychedelic, Alice In Wonderland-themed ballet sequences), riots and miscarriages are milked for maximum drama, so it's disappointing when the public assassination of a hippie demagogue occurs with a minimum of fuss in the final minutes.

The Fog
I don't remember anyone saying Halloween should have had fewer teenage girls and more fog.


T.J. said...

Gary Oldman was mad that director Rod Lurie cut out a scene which revealed his character was Jewish. He also complained that the original script had overall less liberal bias.

Still, I've been meaning to see it in order to confirm Gary Oldman as a possibility for my in development Joseph Lieberman bio-pic. The role is currently between him, Conrad Bain, and Gilbert Gottfried.

Anthony said...

I read about his "liberal bias" complaint, and I'd be intrigued to find out what exactly was cut (haven't had any luck tracking that kind of specific info).

Judging from his complaints, I'm guessing Oldman would KILL to play Lieberman.