Monday, July 28, 2008

My only complaint is that, judging from every photo I've seen, Aileen Wuornos did have eyebrows. I'm pretty sure Charlize Theron would have been convincing as a psychotic, traumatized street hooker in love without this extra bit of uglification.

The Misfits
Marilyn Monroe moves to the desert and fries the brains of three alcoholic cowboys (Eli Wallach is the criminally underpromoted third), forcing them to acknowledge their nihilistic lifestyle if they have any hopes of getting her in bed. I can't imagine any other actress making this work.

Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry
Lunatics piss off The Man by driving fast! The Man is played by Vic Morrow.

Vanishing Point
An existentialist pisses off The Man by driving fast! The Man lacks physical embodiment.

Step Up 2 The Streets
Any dance movie that avoids either lifeless wide-shots or rhythmless hyper-editing gets points from me, however mindnumbing the plot.

The Good Girl
Not sure whether to blame the star or the script, but if there's an inner logic (or an intentional absence) to how this married thirtysomething cashier deals with getting knocked up by her mentally unstable teenage lover, I missed it. Good performances from the cast members who've made good movies since.

The Sweet Hereafter
The only Atom Egoyan film I've seen aside from Felicia's Journey. While Egoyan certainly doesn't do wrong by the subject and location, I'm pretty sure The Death Of Children and The Great White North would be plenty effective without his artful pauses, blaring flutes and recitations from The Pied Piper.

The first two thirds do well enough by 2001 and Solaris that it's laughable when third fails at Alien and Jason X.

Home Of The Brave
A modern day The Best Years Of Our Lives, directed by septuagenarian Irwin Winkler like some Lifetime Original Movie. Chad Michael Murray seems more comfortable in this context than Samuel L. Jackson, who really needs a better script (this one's crafted by Harvey Weinstein's assistant on Shakespeare In Love), and 50 Cent, who really needs to never make another movie. Jessica Biel might be too gifted for this shit, or merely too hot.

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