Tuesday, July 15, 2008

B & D, Kix and Dunn. Honky tonk heaven, double shotgun.

Songs new to last week's Billboard Top 50 singles chart.

#38 (debut): DJ Khaled Featuring Akon, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Lil' Boosie, Trick Daddy, Ace Hood & Plies, "Out Here Grindin'"
From wikipedia: This song originally featured Lil Wayne in place of Young Jeezy. The version with Young Jeezy in place of Lil Wayne will be the official single version. Plies' verse has been moved to Lil Wayne's part. The version with Jeezy's verse was recently released on Jeezy's mixtape "The Prime Minister". The reason for Lil Wayne's verse being removed is allegedly because of him not being able to attend the music video shoot, however, Plies did not attend the shoot either, yet his verse was maintained. I swear to God, this is more interesting than the track.

#41 (from #53): Blake Shelton, "Home"
The arrangement is more easy listening (forget adult contemporary) than conscionable, but his voice is warm and convincing enough that I'm very tempted to check out more of his stuff, especially since he willingly named an album Pure BS.

#45 (from #53): Alan Jackson, "Good Time"
Wow, Alan is country's Ice-T and its Soulja Boy! Shouldn't a dance number that pushes past five minutes swing just a little?

#46 (from #55): Taylor Swift, "Should've Said No"
Second single in a row telling off a loser soon-to-be ex, with "Picture To Burn" more fun and this more affecting than anything delivered by former standoff queen Avril Lavigne. Josh Clover's pious clucking over ill-informed critics praising Miranda Lambert (ignoring the presumably informed critics that put her at the top of country mag polls) kept me from having much interest in his blonde of choice (the hardcore shitkicker/author of Madonna anno domini voiced a fear of clueless country dilettantes trying to play catch-up), but I'm glad she's kept crossing over long enough for me to catch wind. Maybe I'll like Lambert even more!

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