Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And hold onto your words, 'cause talk is cheap. And remember me tonight when you're asleep.

Songs new to last week's Billboard Top 50 singles chart, and the top debut.

#47 (from #62): Secondhand Serenade, "Fall For You"
Emosogynist whiner aims for adult contemporary, or as Allmusic's Stewart Mason put it, "much like Five for Fighting or Dashboard Confessional both musically and in theory." The single was originally released over six months ago (I recall catching its mix of lingerie and faux-hawked douche between episodes of Degrassi on The N quite a while back), but none of the usual sources are crowing about whatever cross-promotion helped finally push it into the Top 50. Yet.

#72 (debut): Toby Keith, "She Never Cried In Front Of Me"
As his wife re-marries, Toby Keith complains that he had no idea that she was unhappy living with him. Seriously, why didn't she ever cry or something? What is he, a fucking mind reader? Thanks for nothing, lady. Toby would have been a great husband if you'd just, like, cried and yelled or bonked him on the head or something. But no, according to him, you just kinda wandered off while he wasn't looking. I guess.

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