Saturday, July 02, 2005

Working in an empty library from 9-5 today meant getting watch a hell of a lot of live8 on aol. Caught some of the mtv coverage later. Evidently if you want to see the bands you should go online, if you want to learn more about the cause you should go online and if you want to see VJs wax poetic between gargantuan ad breaks you should watch TV like Bob asked you to.

Top ten ironies
1. Snoop Dogg and pals making peace signs while chanting "nah nah nahnah nah nah hey hey hey Snoop Dogg" a few minutes after "Cuz I never hesitate to put a nigga on his back." I'm sure the G8 were moved.

2. Madonna holding the hand of a girl who was twenty minutes from death until Live Aid happened (proving that charity is great, just so 1985) and asking if the audience is ready for the revolution while, an ocean away, Toby Keith celebrates the ability of Americans to leave the specifics of their indiscretions in the foreign country they were committed.

3. But, Tim, if we erase world debt, the poor in Africa won't live like they're dying!

4. If there's anybody who believes the powerful should forgive debts, it's a pimp. A big pimp.

5. Will Smith is under the impression that its rare for me to get to see bands and sign a petition.

6. Ipod ads on the big screens in Philly. "We Don't Want Your Money," right.

7. Bob Geldof is a dick.

8. Caught a "Thank You" ad made of participants' video clips on VH1 between two airings of "Comfortably Numb."

9. At one point I was actually moved. I've never heard Roxy Music's cover of "Jealous Guy" before.

10. People are defending this impotent, guilt-appeasing fanfare and fellatio in the name of awareness, as if anybody doesn't know people are dying in Africa. More people learned about Razorlight today than Africa.

On a lighter note, my good friend William demanded I list my top 5 songs of all time last night. Here's what I offered.

1. Queen & David Bowie, "Under Pressure"
2. Bob Dylan, "Like A Rolling Stone"
3. Adam & The Ants, "Stand And Deliver"
4. Sugar Ray, "Someday"
5. Sir Mix-A-Lot, "Baby Got Back"

I'll stand by that.

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