Monday, July 11, 2005

Reporting mid-radio show (no playlist today cuz my selections aren't THAT inspired - feel free to listen all the same) to note that "Live Again" is up at The Hut along with another bevvy of reliably remarkable goodies from Johnny Forks. The man is a champ.

I have burnt and taped so many albums from this place over the years, met so many great people - I should never complain about the constrictiveness of playing swear-free indie. This station has been a blessing. My first weekly show was Saturday 7-9am! The 1999 spring semester! Memories, sniffles, etc. I'll do more inspired shows for the rest of the month, scout's honor. You should listen! Every Monday 11am-1pm EST, click the Lion link on the left. I'll even talk in funny voices. Not today, though. Today is my last uninvolved plow-through. Proof: I'm playing "Ageless Beauty" by Stars followed by the Decemberists. What am I, Starbucks?

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