Friday, July 22, 2005

I don't always link to the US Singles Jukebox columns on Stylus, as I figure if you care you'd know to check each Friday. That said, I gave no track less than a 5 and two got 7's, which may make it the most consistent week in ages. Plus I coined the termed "sassy-blando" for one of the 7's.

Rating music is a worthless sop to the simple-minded, but here's the logic I apply when higher forces dictate the presence of numerics:

10 = "Under Pressure" by Queen & David Bowie
9 = my eyes roll in the back of my head when I describe it
8 = must-get
7 = might-keep
6 = entertaining enough for radio
5 = inoffensively mediocre
4 = offensively mediocre
3 = repulsive
2 = I punch the table when somebody says it's not that bad.
1 = I've quit reviewing music in response.
0 = I've killed myself in fear of hearing it again.

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