Wednesday, July 13, 2005

DJed at Roustabout for what will likely be the last time (unless they let me be a "guest DJ from Philly" when visiting). My friend William, who had never done it before, joined in - I played one track, then he did, then me, then him, etc. He played a lot of great, respectable rock from the 80s and earlier; I played bands from the 90s on that ripped them off (plus some golden oldies to prove I could).

XTC - Statue Of Liberty
Billy Childish - I'm A Confused Man
Sloan - False Alarm
Au Pairs - We're So Cool
Cheap Trick - Clock Strikes Ten
Wire - Map Ref
Helium - Superball
Public Nuisance - Love Is A Feeling
Gun Club - Sex Beat
Mekons - Millionaire
Marbles - Out Of Zone
Cure - Jumping Someone Else's Train
Bloc Party - Banquet
Dream Syndicate - Definitely Clean
Clinic - The Second Line
Misfits - Teenagers From Mars
Buzzcocks - I Don't Mind
Josef K - Sorry For Laughing

Then the opening band played two songs and stopped, eventually explaining that they were doing a 'soundcheck.' Hmm. Both A.R.E. and Amps are my choices cuz William put in the wrong disc - sounded like klezmer or something (not that I know what klezmer sounds like).

A.R.E. Weapons - Don't Be Scared
Amps - Tipp City
Bush Tetras - Cowboys In Africa
McLusky - To Hell With Good Intentions
Stooges - Down On The Street
Wipers - Over The Edge
Magazine - I Love You, You Big Dummy

Then the band, which looked like the D-Plan and sounded like the D-Plan if you removed everything but indie jazzbo, played. Names removed to protect the guilty from a depressing google.

Louis XIV - Paper Doll
Comsat Angels - Waiting For A Miracle
Diodes - Tired Of Waking Up Tired
Os Mutantes - Batmocambo
Talking Heads - Sugar On My Tongue
Clean - Tally Ho
REM - Wolves, Lower
Spirit - Animal Zoo
Nick Lowe - So It Goes
Silver Apples - Program

Second band followed. Sounded like Rilo Kiley (or Letters To Cleo, same diff) and the singer herkyjerked like Ashlee Simpson. Good for them. William started off the last dj set despite ending the previous, as he had a song by an artist from the band's home state.

Normals - Almost Ready
Interpol - Evil
Social Distortion - Makin' Believe
LeTigre - Deceptacon
Television Personalities - Part-Time Punks
Swell Maps - Spitfire Parade
Flamin' Groovies - Absolutely Sweet Marie
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y Control
The Sound - Party In My Mind
Queens Of The Stone Age - Broken Box
Daniel Johnston - Love Wheel
Electric Six - Electric Demons In Love
Heartbreakers - Born To Lose
Rocket From The Crypt - Turkish Revenge
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Do What You Want To Do
Spinto Band - Oh, Mandy
Rezillos - Destination Venus
Electric Six - The Future Is In The Future

How's that for an enjoyable nerdout?

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