Monday, July 18, 2005

Radio show playlist:

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Let It Dive
Belle & Sebastian - Lord Anthony
Clinic - The Second Line
Decemberists - The Sporting Life
Emperor X - Shut Shut Up
Fall - Touch Sensitive
Grandaddy - The Group Who Couldn't Say
Hold Steady - Stevie Nix
Ida - Written On My Face
Jesus And Mary Chain - Just Like Honey
Keren Ann - One Day Without
Louis XIV - All The Little Pieces
Mountain Goats - Have To Explode
New Wet Kojak - Do The Math
Osker - Contention
Papas Fritas - Say Goodbye
Queens Of The Stone Age - I Never Came
Raveonettes - Love In A Trash Can
Spoon - Was It You
Thunderbirds Are Now - From: Skulls
Urge Overkill - Goodbye To Guyville
VCR - Rad
Wire - A Series Of Snakes
XTC - Are You Receiving Me?
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Y Control
Electric Six - Rock'n'Roll Evacuation
Electric Six - Jimmy Carter
Electric Six - Be My Dark Angel
Electric Six - Vibrator
Electric Six - Radio Ga Ga

Guess who finally can listen to Senor Smoke on disc? Thanks to Jefferson for the mp3s. With friends like this, why bother figuring out how to make your computer Soulseek-friendly?

The most recent Billboard Top 50 single I like is "Get It Poppin'," eight weeks old. WTF? It's summer! Shouldn't newbies be popping up every week? Pop radio (at least in central PA - God, I can't wait to hear the Philly stations) feels mad stagnant right now. I'm finding myself actually looking forward to "Don't Phunk With My Heart." The weather is muggy, I've got a million things to get done and no new summer jam to brighten it up. I guess I should be glad I haven't heard Bo Bice yet.

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