Saturday, April 24, 2004

Singles in Billboard charts other than the Top 50 that I listen to all the way through when they come on the radio.

#2 - Modern Rock Charts) "Cold Hard Bitch" - Jet: If you say a naughty word you should be spanked. To the beat. They're one single away from making my three-hits-I-like-and-I-buy-you rule.

#5 - Modern Rock Charts) "Lying From You" - Linkin Park: These guys are one song OVER the three-hits-rule. Everybody do the Chester! Point accusingly, slowly step forward and waaaaaaah. Do the Chester!

#10 - Modern Rock Charts) "Heel Over Head" - Puddle Of Mudd: SECOND goofy Local H-sounding single in a row where the Mudd dude wonders why you won't talk to him anymore! Take a hint, dork.

#12 - Modern Rock Charts) "Maps" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs: you don't love them like I love them.

#13 - Modern Rock Charts) "Ride" - Vines: hey D-Plan, I know you're peeved that they stole your "Time Bomb" video concept but their video is funnier. Them's the breaks.

#19 - Modern Rock Charts) "Float On" - Modest Mouse: And you may find yourself breaking onto the modern rock charts...and you may find yourself with a top 20 album chart debut...and you may find yourself with an unusually danceable and fulfilling single...and you may ask yourself, WELL? HOW DID I GET HERE?

#9 - Adult Top 40) "Bright Lights" - Matchbox 20: one of these days I'm going to explain why Matchbox 20 have been growing on me a lot. For now, I'll just let you wonder what the fuck is wrong with me.

#15 - Adult Top 40) "Extraordinary" - Liz Phair: you've succeeded, Liz. You've made me love you. *mechanized drum roll*

#6 - Top Digital Tracks) "Ocean Avenue" - Yellowcard: I was sooo worried that Simple Plan had written a song I can tolerate that these guys get on my list simply out of gratitude.

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