Sunday, April 18, 2004

#9) The Clash - The Clash (US Version) (released in 1979, I got this on used cassette at Arboria sometime in late high school)

Total poseurs (would real punks write metaphors as cute like "Jail Guitar Doors" and incorporate so much boogie?), but so are Good Charlotte so it wouldn't be fair to hold that against them. Mick Jones sounds like a bigger wuss than either Madden brother on his two spotlight songs, and when CBS decided to share his hokey "REEE-PREHHH-SHUUN" chant with the world they got embarassed enough to create "Complete Control," a song so spirited and anthemic - how come more bands didn't put Lee Perry in charge of their guitar overdubs?- that I'm surprised Fugazi felt the need to write original material (glad they did though)."White Man In Hammersmith Palais" is probably the catchiest way to imply that you're really naive and earnest and while I'll always get a dose of electric shockers from "Clash City Rockers," tracks like that and "London's Burning" don't inspire violent protest as much as it inspires me to bop around and maybe start Rancid. That said this stuff puts a little more phlegm in whatever little bit of defiant spit I can muster up in my safe suburban home with its sharp static-infested guitar hooks, snapping beats and urgent, bad-mood-good-boy personal protest. One time I got lost in NY and listened to this album at least six times straight. Good times.

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