Monday, April 19, 2004

Counting down my 100 favorite albums of all time...

#8) Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks (released in 1975, my sister burnt me a copy a year or two ago by request)

...I would sit up all night with my misery and this album, playing it over and over, wallowing in Dylan's wretched reflection of my own confusion: "Women - who can figger 'em?" I imagine it was also a big hit with the recently divorced.

At length I concluded that any record whose principal utility lay in such an emotional twilight zone was at worst an instrument of self-abuse, at best as innocuous as a crying towel, and certainly was not going to make me a better person or teach me anything about women, myself, or anything else but how painfully confused Bob Dylan seemed to be.
- Lester Bangs, 1976

There's only one person who I'd listen to this album with and I don't think its going to happen anytime soon.

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