Saturday, April 24, 2004

#3) Chuck Berry - Chuck Berry's Golden Decade (released in 1967, my sister gave me an Italian import copy on vinyl last Christmas. When she gets me something I didn't ask for, odds are I'll like it more than what I had wanted)

So everybody says he invented rock and roll, and I'm willing to accept it. Especially since these songs are completely devoid of unnecessary bullshit (initial models tend to be among the most effective). Each song immaculately captures the concept he's trying to express in an artfully concise manner that's spirited without getting reckless (usually its one or the other these days). 24 blueprints for the perfect song. I should really find The Great Twenty-Eight since there's some skips on my copy of this out-of-print release, but that album doesn't have "Anthony Boy" on it.

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