Saturday, April 10, 2004

#17) The Fall - Hex Enduction Hour (released in 1981, I got the import CD from City Lights around my sophomore year of college. I knew most of the songs already from the Hip Priests And Kamerads comp, but knew I still had to get it)

AMG "TONES" FOR THE FALL: Sardonic, Ramshackle, Ironic, Literate, Detached, Tense/Anxious, Witty, Provocative, Rollicking, Street-Smart, Fiery, Confrontational, Intense, Raucous, Harsh, Energetic, Difficult, Volatile, Cynical/Sarcastic, Wry, Aggressive, Manic, Acerbic

My favorite unintentional compliment ever was when my sister heard me listening to a song from this era of the Fall (probably off of Hip Priest) and asked if this was something I recorded. I wish!

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