Tuesday, June 17, 2008

With whom?

I don't know how anyone could claim to regret seeing The Happening. How can you regret laughing your ass off? I can't imagine a more ridiculous (which is tantamount to "hilarious" in my book) movie coming out this summer, not just for its plot but the dialogue ("I see you eyein' my lemon drink!"). It doesn't lose steam, either. Rich (and I'm eternally grateful he agreed to see this with me) left for five minutes to get some food and missed a man calmly feeding himself to a lawnmower, as well as Mark Wahlberg (who hasn't been in as entertaining a bad movie since The Big Hit) apologizing to a rubber plant. The last movies I can remember seeing twice in the theater are The Blair Witch Project and Battlefield Earth, so it's no surprise I'd consider giving The Happening a similar honor.

SPOILER!!!! The last words in the movie are "Mon dieu!"

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Anonymous said...

Worth it for the lion scene alone!