Friday, June 13, 2008

After Hours
Griffin Dunne goes to Reagan-era Soho in hopes of getting laid, and barely escapes with his life. I'd probably mind that this urban fantasy puts him at the mercy of lunatic art chick after lunatic art chick, but Terri Garr, Catherine O'Hara, Linda Fiorentino and Rosanna Arquette are so much fun that any misogynist pathology underneath is drowned in almost Harold & Kumar levels of whimsy.

Body Of Evidence
An erotic legal thriller that consists entirely of Madonna fucking Willem DaFoe, Julianne Moore gritting her teeth and Joe Mantegna yelling "objection!" Everyone gets naked except Joe Mantegna and special guest star Frank Langella, who still gets to describe being sexually dominated by Madonna. The courtroom frequently erupts in hubbub. Every once in a while, a character reminds you the film is set in Portland. So awesome.

Down By Law
I didn't think I'd get all the way through a Jim Jarmusch film starring John Lurie (as a pimp? please), Tom Waits (as a hipster DJ, ugh) and Roberto Benigni (double ugh). But the affectations diminish once the characters meet up in prison, and, as he probably knows, Jarmusch's long takes are always easier to take in black and white.

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