Friday, June 06, 2008

Looking for that magic rainbow on the horizon.

Songs new to Billboard's Top 50 Singles chart this week, as well as those that debuted last week and are still on it now.

#9 (from #3): David Cook, "The Time Of My Life"
The only song from last week's American Idol deluge to remain in the top 50 this week, so I guess I should acknowledge what is basically the theme to yarl's Super Sweet 16 (if we count the "Sex Type Thing" as its birth). Congratulations, yarl, on your debutante ball.

#13 (debut): Lil' Wayne feat. T-Pain, "Got Money"
There might be some excellent rapping here, but I can't get over the unpleasant combination of laryngitis and autotuning.

#32 (from #43): The-Dream, "I Luv Your Girl"
The only song not by a guy named David to debut last week, and its rise is bittersweet. I'm a big fan of Love/Hate (no recent r&b album sounds like it was more fun to record), but I'm not feeling this edit. The song was slight enough without tacking on a horrendous, minute-long grunt from Young Jeezy and removing the falsetto "fuck that n---a" hook. Judging from the latter alteration, I guess "Ditch That" doesn't have much chance of being released as a single, unless they use the word "trippa" instead, like I do (cuz I'm a PC dork).

#40 (from #51): Kardinall Offishall feat. Akon, "Dangerous"
When I lock eyes with an attractive girl at the club, I do not like to imagine Akon standing in the corner, watching the both of us and singing "Dangerous" by Wyclef and the Ying Yang Twins.

#41 (from #53): K.I.C., "Get Silly"
You know what the Hokey Pokey always needed? Orchestra stabs and a slower beat!

#42 (from #57): Keyshia Cole, "Heaven Sent"
I'm no angel, and she's no Mary.

#43 (from #56): Chris Brown, "Take You Down"
"With You"'s smiley inanity got me to the campfire, and "Forever"'s smiley inanity got me to dance (the Wrigley's ref wrapped in an oxymoron was too much to resist), but this smiley inanity will not get me into his bed. Neither will that guitar solo.

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