Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My On Second Thought article trashing Radio City in Stylus.

That SPIN Alternative Record Guide was the primary influence on my canonical purchases through high school and the first half of college (at which point Stairway To Hell and the Consumer Guide took over). My beef with Simon Reynolds boils down to the fact that he made me spend sixteen bucks on Radio Activity and I really want it back. At least Paris 1919 had a good single or two.

Cam'Ron is not Stanley Kowalski - he's an idiot savant in a funny hat with like one more cred point than Kool Keith. And let me know when Sage Francis yells "But P.W. Botha gets a gas face! WHOAHBLBLAHBHA-WHOO!" Sometimes it all reminds me of the Special Olympics. "Everyone gets a medal! Everybody's a winner!" "Yay! I'm a superhero!"

Sorry, didn't want to let the alt-rock vanguard get all the raspberries.

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